基督之家第四家關於常如武的聲明 |


2016 二月 15日, 星期一 14:28


過去一年半,教會調查發現常如武長老在2001-2012 年間處理教會的財務時,某些做法與常理有嚴重的不同,也與常長老討論過這些問題。教會的牧者和主要同工們試圖內部解決這個問題,但不成功,於是兩位會友對常長老提出民事訴訟。教會希望真相能藉此案水落石出。上週,美國司法部在聯邦法院起訴常如武、李薇林夫婦。現今的情況下,教會禱告祈求真理得彰顯。目前,長老會暫停常如武在基督四家的長老職務,其長老職份將由長執會最後定案。


HOC4 Official Statement Regarding Jonathan Chang 

Over the past year and half, the church has investigated anddiscussed with Elder Jonathan Chang concerns regardingElder Chang's handling of the church's finances betweenthe years of 2001-2012, which appear to bring about someserious irregularities. The leaders of HOC4 have attemptedto resolve these issues, but with no success. Because thechurch was unable to resolve these issues, two members ofthe church filed a civil lawsuit against Jonathan Chang. Thechurch hoped that the truth would be resolved through thisprocess. This past week, the Justice Department of theUnited States filed an indictment in federal court againstJonathan and his wife, Grace Chang. Under the currentcircumstances, the church prays that the truth would stillcome out. This week the Board of Elders officiallysuspended Jonathan Chang from his "eldership" position of Home of Christ Church in West San Jose (HOC4) pending afinal decision by the Board of Elders and Deacons regardinghis eldership.

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Concerning this situation, our church has learned a fewimportant lessons. The first is that we need to serve theLord with faithfulness and kindness. The second is that wemust be more accountable with our financial stewardship.And finally we believe that God is purifying each of ourhearts as a church body for His glory. We will alsocooperate fully with the FBI and the Department of Justiceconcerning this case. Let's pray together for church unityand peace and together may we serve the Lord faithfully. 


本文由基督之家第四家 發佈於二月中旬。